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About CyprusFlavours.com

Cyprus Flavours is committed to bringing you the best of Cyprus food tradition on its best quality all freshly made in the Mediterranean island. The company was founded by the mutual love of the owner and the local producers for Cyprus tradition and culture. Our main goal is to introduce Cyprus Traditional Products to the world markets and to individual households as well. All of our products are hand picked and we sell flavours that we personally tried, used or we approved based on their quality. We choose them among a wide selection, all of them coming from small-scale producers, who are dedicated on giving only the best of Cyprus, traditional products. We travel around Cyprus, even to the most remote, hard to travel to villages, in order to meet face to face with the producers and ensure the top quality and uniqueness of their production. We eventually search the market for new “delicacies” and we hope that you’ll join us in this trip to tradition!

Our Goal

Our main goal is to show to people around the world and locals as well, the tradition that Cyprus is hiding and the treasures that are long forgotten (most of them) in Cyprus villages. People interested in culture and tradition are seeking those somehow not popular traditions, as they are part of island’s history. It’s unbelievable how a tiny little island, that looks like a dot in the world map can hide tons of history and tradition. This tradition can be found here in Cyprus Flavours. 

Why CyprusFlavours.com

We understand that you have a choice and we thank you for visiting and choosing CyprusFlavours.com but since you asked, here are some reasons why you should choose Cyprus Flavors:


Promote Cyprus Tradition and Culture

Except our products and wholesale deals we are here to “deliver”Cyprus tradition to your lives. If you are interested in the Island’s tradition and culture then do not hesitate to browse our website for information about the island, guidance and lots more to be discovered. Cyprus is just a small island however there’s lots of small treasures hidden. We are here to discover them and present them to you. Now you do not need to miss anything as we are here to deliver Cyprus tradition to you.


Wide range / Quality Food

We have a broad range of brands from major foodservice suppliers to give you as many options as possible. We can guarantee to get the products send to you, fresh and ready to be consumed. Our aim is to provide to most of the households around the world with the most natural and fresh products that Cyprus is producing. We do not stock any of the products as we want them to be freshly made by the time you order them as quality food is one of the principal aims of Cyprus Flavours.  By the time you place your order we will contact the producers and arrange your order!


We deliver worldwide

Our main goal is to provide our customers everything that Cyprus tradition can provide them.  There’s no need to just miss some of your favorite products. We wanted to make it easy for everyone in every corner of the world to order their favourite ones. In addition, we wanted to make it easy for everyone who's interested in buying Cypriot products in wholesale prices, check our website section for more information.


No excessive delivery cost/great value products

We offer you a wide range of traditional Cyprus products in attractive prices that most of the people can afford them. Our delivery charge is based on the total packaging weight and we try to keep it as low as possible. In addition Cyprus Flavours is regularly updating their list with special offers depending on the season, the demand and your choice of course.  Moreover, our special wholesale prices can give you the chance to sell Cypriot products around the world.