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Blossom Honey Glass Jar by I Orea Alona  (450gr) Zoom

Blossom Honey Glass Jar by I Orea Alona (450gr)

Blossom Honey is a significant honey type in Cyprus. Coming directly from the mountains’ nature from a village called Alona its glass jar captures all the flavor and aroma of the pure, 100% natural honey.

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Blossom honey is not too sweet, however it still has its thyme honey in it which makes it rich in proteins, amino acids and it’s also low calorie.

Blossom honey crystallizes slower than the thyme honey.

In Alona village the nutritional values of honey remain untouched due to the village’s wild nature where honey making is a tradition that’s why its honey has special flavor.


Healthy Facts:

  • Blossom honey as a 100% natural product contains lots of minerals such as fructose, glucose, vitamins and organic acids.
  •  In addition blossom honey improves metabolism and digestion. 
  • It is antiseptic, antioxidant and has cleansing properties for the human body, that’s why lots of skin and beauty products use it as a prior ingredient. 
  • Moreover it boosts the memory system.


NET Weight: 450gr

GROSS Weight:  662gr