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Phini Traditional Delights with Bergamot Flavour by Ourania Pilavaki (450gr) Zoom

Phini Traditional Delights with Bergamot Flavour by Ourania Pilavaki (450gr)

This is one of the most famous and most consumed recipes for Fini traditional delights. It’s made of 100% natural bergamots and the secret recipe of the Finiotiko making it a sweet, fruity delight

*This product may contain traces of nuts

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The art of Finiotiko delight was introduced to Fini in Limassol (that’s why it was named after the village Fini) from its innovator Mr. Pilavaki as he spent several years in Egypt and he learned the art of making delights.


Production Process: What makes Finiotiko different than any other Cyprus delights?

The making process of Phini takes longer than any other delights.

Its ingredients- water, sugar and starch- are still mixed traditionally not in a factory but in a laboratory (workshop).

So the production may be more excessive but the quality comes better with these delights.

It usually takes about eight to ten hours for them to be ready.

Finiotiko is an Egyptian recipe originally not a Turkish one and it has been established in 1930 in Cyprus as a family business which it still is.


Healthy Facts: Finiotiko does not contain any fats. Its orange color is made just from the sugar as it stays in the mix for hours and it’s caramelized.


Serving: They can be served after a meal or in the ice sugar shortbreads


*This product may contain traces of nuts


NET Weight: 250gr

GROSS Weight: 482gr