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Traditional Carob Pastelli by Keration (110gr) Zoom

Traditional Carob Pastelli by Keration (110gr)

Brittles come in a variety of flavors; however no other flavor can be compared with the delicious carob brittle flavor. It is made traditionally with the guarantee of freshness from Keration Company which still makes this delicious sweet traditionally.

*This product contains nuts

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Carob brittle is different than the other flavors of this sweet.

It is also called the black brittle.

In Keration Mr. Andreas still makes carob products with the traditional way as his parents used to make it (you can see their picture on the logo).

Carob is Cyprus black gold and the island was one of carob’s main trading places.

Moreover, carob pits weight the same no matter of their size (0,002gr) and during the ancient times carob pits were used as weighing measurement for gold, that’s why

nowadays we measure gold with carats.


Healthy facts:

  • Carob improves digestion and lowers cholesterol level in the blood and it also helps for food digestion, intestine. 
  • The honey has natural sugars in a high percentage (50%) of which 30% is grape glucose, 10% protein and only 6% fat. 
  • It is also high in A and B vitamins, ions such as potassium, magnesium, calcium etc. 
  • It has a positive impact against diabetes and obesity problems


*This product contains nuts


NET Weight: 110gr

GROSS Weight: 150gr