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Cyprus Traditional Soutzoukos by Amalia (500gr) Zoom

Cyprus Traditional Soutzoukos by Amalia (500gr)

One of Cyprus most delicious sweets, made with pure grape juice and a mixture of fresh ingredients all produced in the island. Packed with care in order to keep its aroma and flavour until its consumption date.

*This product contains nuts

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Soutzoukos is one of the most popular Cyprus sweets.

Its main ingredients are grapes, almonds or in some cases walnuts or flour.

It is nowadays made with the same love Cypriots have for grapes and their products combined with the latest technology in order to help the production as it’s still very

popular in Cyprus and abroad.


Production Procedure:

First the grape juice is mixed with flour, sugar, rosewater and sometimes some more ingredients such as cinnamon and mastic for extra flavor and more creamy mixture.

The flavour depends on the village that soutzoukos is made and on the person who makes it.

All the ingredients are poured into a cauldron.

The mixture is boiled and stirred until it becomes thick.

This process takes around one hour.

While waiting for the mixture to get ready the almonds (or sometimes other nuts) are threaded onto a special string that is dipped several times in the mixture and dried in

the sun until all its layers build up in order to produce a long grape roll, usually one inch in diameter.

It can be consumed after all its layers are dried and it can be kept for months.


*This product contains nuts


NET Weight: 500gr

GROSS Weight: 540gr