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Homemade Watermelon Spoon Sweet by Ermi (450gr) Zoom

Homemade Watermelon Spoon Sweet by Ermi (450gr)

Ermis watermelon spoon sweet is made from 100% natural homegrown watermelon that Mrs. Ermi herself grows for the production of her spoon sweets which are still traditionally made.

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Watermelon spoon sweet is made from the chunky watermelon peel that needs to be completely cleaned from the red fruit.

So before you throw again watermelon’s peel think that you can make a tasty, aromatic sweet out of it.

The procedure is easy: watermelon peel is cut in trapezium shaped pieces and then is placed in limed water for few hours.

After the procedure of getting it in the syrup and adjust all ingredients’ levels and measurements, the crunchy watermelon spoon sweet is best served cold from the fridge.


Serving Tips:

Spoon sweets are usually served after lunch or dinner or to the guests as a gesture of hospitality to the warm and friendly environment of a Cypriot home.

They are usually accompanied with a cup of Cyprus coffee or tea.

Spoon sweets are mostly served in a small dish or bowl and a teaspoon from where they took their name from.

In addition they can be used in cakes or deserts.


NET Weight: 450gr

GROSS Weight: 690gr

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